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This is about the Isabelle sweepstakes going on. 

The classes and learning part[]

Take classes online with the Try New Moves with Isabelle site. Take classes such as Ballet, Script Writing, Fashion Design, Acting, Hair and Makeup, and Costume Design. You can learn something new!

The winning part[]

The 7 monthly winners-  This sweepstakes goes on from January to July, so that is 7 months (but it ends at the end of July) At the end of each month, 1 person will recieve the monthly prize. That person will recieve the Isabelle doll and book. You may not win again, but may be entered to win the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize- Only 1 person will win this huge prize, it will be very lucky if it's you! You get an Isabelle doll and book, and a 3-day trip to NYC! That includes:

  • 4 plane tickets from wherever you live to NYC and back.
  • 3 nights at the New York Palace hotel and an American Girl doll bed!
  • A personalized day at American Girl place NYC including a meal for 2 at the cafe, and $130 of spending money!
  • 4 tickets to the NYC ballet's production of George Balnchine's The Nutcracker!
  • $500 of food spending allowance!

The slideshow is of the prizes.

Other rules

  • You must be aged between 8 and 13 to enter.
  • You must have permission from a parent to enter.
  • You must live in one of the 50 states to enter.