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This is about all of our Girl of the Years from Lindsey to Isabelle.

Short Descriptions[]

Lindsey Bergman, GOTY 2001- She’s a girl who wants to improve in the world.

Kailey Hopkins, GOTY 2003- She’s a girl who speaks up for what she believes in.

Marisol Luna, GOTY 2005- She’s a girl that was born to dance.

Jess McConnell, GOTY 2006- She’s a girl who enjoys exploring.

Nicki Fleming, GOTY 2007- She’s a girl who loves to volunteer.

Mia St. Clair, GOTY 2008- She’s a talented, hardworking skater who finds her passion and has courage to follow it.

Chrissa Maxwell, GOTY 2009- She’s a girl who learns to stand strong against bullying.

Lanie Holland, GOTY 2010- She’s an energetic girl who loves to explore the outdoors.

Kanani Akina, GOTY 2011- She’s a girl who loves welcoming others to the wonders of Hawaii.

McKenna Brooks, GOTY 2012- She’s a gymnast who tries to balance school and sports.

Saige Copeland, GOTY 2013- She’s a girl who loves art and horses.

Isabelle Palmer, GOTY 2014- She’s an inspired dancer who finds her own way to shine.

Slideshow is pics of all GOTY dolls.

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